Our Commercial and Trade resin projects – Resin Install work is performed for 100s of other companies whose customers require the installation of resin bound surfaces, but that lack both the team and the skills required to install the product correctly.

We have installed resin projects of every type and size, from car parks measuring more than 1,000m2 to driveways and paths that accommodate just one vehicle, for companies all over the UK and even in Europe.

A resin driveway combines the look of gravel with the durability of tarmac, and it can also be customized to match your taste with a range of colors.

Resin Bound Permeable Driveways

Our prices are among the most competitive in the UK based on our buying structure, which means that we are significantly able to reduce our material costs. These savings are passed on to our clients as well.

We welcome the opportunity to prove the worth of our pricing, along with the quality of our products, with free quotes with no obligation. For your Resin driveway in Altrincham, contact Resin Install today.

The permeable surface of pavers is equally suitable for new construction and refurbishment projects, allowing water to freely drain through the pavers – the rate of permeability depending on the type and size of aggregate used.

Permeable paving means that homeowners can put in rainwater collection systems without the need to get planning permission in advance. This can save homeowners money in the long run.

What is the Layout of the installation area?

You must expect the surface to yellow over time if you use a non-UV resin. Using a yellow or golden stone doesn’t necessarily present a problem, but if you place a planter on your driveway and then move it afterward, you will see where the planter was previously placed.

If you are unsure about what to do, consult Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates. By identifying the cause and taking remedial actions, we will help fix the problem.

Preparation work Costs

A Resin Bound contractor’s 20m2 kit is ideal for those seeking high quality driveway finishes made from Resin. We have created a brand new resin formula that’s incredibly easy to trowel down because its viscosity is lower.

This kit is capable of covering a large surface area of up to 20m2, which makes it ideal for large driveway projects. UV-resistant resin ensures… The Resin Bound contractor 20m2 kit is for those looking for a high quality resin finish to their driveways….

In addition to being decorative, resin bound surfaces are also durable. In terms of overall performance, they outperform all other types of paving.

How do you maintain a resin driveway?

The installation of a new driveway can completely transform the exterior of your house and enhance its curb appeal. In addition, it gives you a convenient means of securing your house and providing a place to park your vehicle when it’s not in use…

A professional Altrincham landscaping service – Resin Install has highly skilled in-house landscapers that can turn your garden into an eye-catching, functional space.

Our team of professionals can handle every aspect of your landscape garden project, including initial design and creation. Please visit our previous projects and more information to learn more.

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