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Benefits Of Artificial Grass

{Minimal|Low} Maintenance – Fit & forget {saves|saves on} {time and money|money and time}
{Never|Never ever} {needs|requires} {watering|water} – {Save on|Save money on} water {bills|charges}
Eco friendly – {no|zero} weed-killer, {fertiliser|plant food} or {allergies|allergy symptoms}
{Extremely|Incredibly} {Durable|Long Lasting} – {Pet|Animal} and {Child|Children} proof
Self Draining {system|structure}, no {mud|sludge} or water-logging
{Looks|Appears} {great|fantastic} {year round|all year}
{Very|Extremely} high UV {resistance|protection} – {Never|Never ever} {fades|discolors}
Soft to {touch|feel} and {pleasant|comfortable} underfoot
{Amazingly|Remarkably} realistic. You {really|truly} would {never|never ever} know
{Suitable|Ideal} for {patio|patio area} and {roof|roof covering} gardens {or even|and even} over decking
Free {design|layout} service with {every|each and every} application

Discounts for larger gardens…

{Artificial|Synthetic} lawns have {come on|developed} {no end|such a lot} {in recent years|over the last few years}. Our {premium|superior} range is the most {realistic|authentic} on the market. They {even|actually} have a “dead” browner grass {situated|positioned} lower {within|throughout} the weave, and feel {exactly|precisely} like top end {premium|superior} turf, but with {all|all of} the {advantages|benefits} as above.

We never take any deposit or monies up front, in fact you will not pay one penny until we are finished and you 100% satisfied

Price Promise

If you {obtain|get} {a quote|a price estimate} from us you will {probably|most likely} find that it is {about|around} {half|fifty percent} that of {many of|a lot of} our {competitors|rivals}, which {may|might} beg the question “{how|just how} can they be so {cheap|inexpensive}, there {must|has to be} be something wrong?”

The {answer|explanation} is {simple|straightforward}!

We are not {a large|a huge} {company|business}, we do not {have|come with} {fancy|expensive} {offices|office spaces}, or sales {personnel|people} this {keeps|helps keep} our {overheads|expenses} to a minimum.

You will {always|usually} {deal with|work with} someone who {will|is going to} actually install your lawn {personally|directly}.

What {we offer|our company offer} is {simple|straightforward}, we install the {very best|absolute best} quality {artificial|synthetic} lawn {available|in the market}, to the very {highest|highest possible} {standards|specifications} and at the most {competitive|economical} price on the {market|market place}. That is {absolutely|completely} {guaranteed|assured}.