About Us

Resin {wins|triumphs} over {concrete|cement} {anytime|any time}, {thanks to|due to} its friendliness to the {environment|natural environment}. The {finish|surface} is {highly|extremely} cosmetic, {not to mention|in addition to} the {prominent|famous} kerb appeal. {Also|Likewise}, {forget about|don’t worry about} small {pools|swimming pools} and slippages {because|since|due to the fact that} resin is {permeable|porous} enough to {let|allow|permit} water drain through its {finished|final} {surface|material}. This {makes it|keeps it} {compliant|certified} to the Sustainable Urban Drainage System {legislation|regulations} (SUDs) and with that, you {don’t|do not} {need|require} any {special|unique} {permission|consent|approval} to {create|build} resin bound driveways. What’s {even more|much more|a lot more} {special|unique} about this {surface|material} is that it has anti-slip {properties|abilities} and it’s resistant to weed. This {cuts down|reduces|lowers} the {maintenance|upkeep} {cost|expense} to {almost|practically|nearly} {zero|nothing}.

{Among other|To name a few} {things|factors} that make our {entire|overall} bound systems {special|unique} is the {fact|reality} they are all {completely|totally|entirely} {permeable|porous} not {just|simply} to water {but|but also} air as well. Our binder {base coat|skim coat} system is {also|likewise} permeable {and so|therefore} when we lay the resin bound {surface|surface area|covering} over that, the {result|outcome} is a sustainable urban {drainage|drain} system. {Usually|Typically|Normally|Generally}, you ‘d {require|need} a planning {permission|consent|approval} to {create|design} such {a solid|a strong} landscape {but|however} ours is the exception.

{Expect|Anticipate} a smooth and seamless {finish|surface} {ideal|suitable|perfect} for {different|various} {uses|applications} {including|consisting of} cycles and {cars|cars and trucks}. Not to mention that it’s {friendly|good} for {children|kids} and the {disabled|handicapped} too.

Resin bound {surfaces|surface areas|areas} can {endure|withstand|sustain} {vehicles|cars} {as well as|and also} pedestrians and will {remain|stay} strong. {However|Nevertheless}, {how long|for how long} the {surface|surface area} lasts {may|might} {depend on|depend upon} the {design|style} and specification you {use|choose}.

With this {kind of|type of|sort of} {surface|surface area}, there’s {an option|a choice|an alternative} to {use|make use of} either single or {multiple|several} colour {options|choices|alternatives} in customising the borders, patterns, shapes and curves. Whether it’s a natural or {decorative|ornamental} {appearance|look} or you are {looking to|wanting to|seeking to|aiming to} have the {surface|area} designed to match your surroundings, this {surface|area} is {flexible|versatile} enough to accommodate your {wishes|desires|dreams}.

{Maintaining|Preserving|Taking care of} a resin bound {surface|surface area|area} is as {simple|easy|basic} as {occasionally|periodically} sweeping it and {sometimes|in some cases} jet {washing|cleaning} it to {get rid of|eliminate} the dirt. Besides that, {expect|anticipate} no puddles, molds or weeds.

Why is Resin better than Concrete, Tarmac & Block-Paving?

{Aesthetically|Visually} appealing
{Long lasting|Durable} and can {endure|withstand|sustain} {tough|hard|demanding} {use|usage}
Even smooth {finishing|finish} and {free of|without|devoid of} loose stones
Clean {construction|building|building and construction} {process|procedure}
Minimum {maintenance|upkeep}
Resistant to weed, mould, and {discoloration|staining}
Anti-slip {properties|qualities|characteristics}
More environmentally-friendly than {concrete|cement}
{Decent|Good} traction that is {ideal|perfect} for both {vehicles|cars} and pedestrians
Can be {customised|personalised|tailored} to your {liking|preference|taste}

Want real proof?  Please take a look at these Before and After Images from recent jobs

What Makes Our Resin Bound Surfaces Outstanding?

We {understand|comprehend} that image matters a lot and that’s why we {combine|integrate} {beautiful|gorgeous|stunning|lovely} looks with our {fully|completely|totally} {permeable|porous} resin bound driveways to {create|produce|develop} a hard wearing {surface|surface area} that {complies with|adheres to|abides by} the SuDs legislation.

{Keep in mind|Bear in mind|Remember} that our resin bound {surface|area} beats {concrete|cement}, loose gravel and brick {anytime|at any time|any time} on all fronts. This {includes|incorporates} the {visual aspect|appearance}, {performance|efficiency} and more {importantly|significantly|notably}, the {ability|capability} to {withstand|endure|stand up to|hold up against} years of {hard|difficult|tough} {use|usage}. We can {as well|also} lay it over {a new|a brand-new} base, be it {concrete|cement} or asphalt driveways. And this can {only|simply} {mean|imply|indicate|suggest} {one thing|something}: quicker {installation|setup} with {little|minimal} to no mess.

We {provide|offer|supply} you with the {option|choice|alternative} to {select|choose|pick} from our {multiple|numerous} texture and colour {options|choices|alternatives} that you {feel|think} sync well with your {surroundings|settings}. We {strive|aim|make every effort} to {ensure|guarantee} our collection {is diverse|varies} enough to match your {different|various} {specific|particular} {needs|requirements} {just so|so} that you can {stand out|stand apart} from {everyone|everybody} else.

Also worth {mentioning|discussing|pointing out} is that the resin is {made|manufactured} right here in the UK and from {natural|all-natural|100% natural} aggregate. Whether your {domestic|home} driveway is old or {new|brand-new}, a natural stone resin driveway {is sure|makes sure|makes certain} to leave you with {a transformation|an improvement} you will {love|like} to see all your life.

3 Important Benefits of natural stone resin driveways

Long {guarantees|warranties}

{Once|When|As soon as} you have this {type of|kind of} driveway {installed|set up}, it will be years before you {might|may} experience {cracking|splitting}, {discoloration|staining}, frost damage or UV {degradation|deterioration}.

{No more|Say goodbye to} {loose|loosened} stones

The {smoothness|level of smoothness} in resin driveways {combined|added together} with the {accessible|available} {finish|surface} makes it stone-free and {thus|therefore|hence} {ideal|perfect} for those who {look to|want to|seek to|aim to} {walking|strolling} on it with bare feet. It {also|likewise} {syncs|synchronises} in well with {adjacent|nearby|surrounding} {lawn|yard} {spaces|areas}.

Minimum {maintenance|upkeep}

Resin bound {surfaces|areas} have the {capacity|capability} to keep away weeds and {molds|mold and mildews}, {not to mention|in addition to} puddles and slippages. And to {take care of|look after} it, all you {need|really need} to do is to sweep it {occasionally|sometimes|periodically} and power {wash|clean} it to {remove|eliminate|get rid of} the dirt and keep it looking {new|brand-new}.

No planning {permission|consent}

In a legislation enacted in 2008, it’s {clear|very clear} that you {don’t|do not} {require|need} any planning {permission|consent|approval} on {two|2} {grounds|bases}. {First|Initially}, if the {surface|surface area} in question is no more than {five|5} square meters and {second|2nd}, if the {surface|surface area} you {intend|mean|plan} to {install|set up} is permeable. Resin bound {surfaces|areas} {meet|satisfy|fulfill} the {second|2nd} condition and {thus|therefore|hence} you {don’t|do not} {require|need} any {permission|consent|approval} to install them.